Procrastinating, or maybe not….

I was all geared up to get painting yesterday evening but was getting fed up with my paints being everywhere.  If you didn’t know, I paint on an Ikea shelf as a space saver, this amuses a lot of people but hey, it’s my very own dedicated painting space that I can leave in a state when I want without anyone moaning or cleaning it.

But yeh, most of that space was being taken up by paints, so I decieded to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a couple of weeks and knock these up with instead of painting, I won’t win any design awards or noble peace prizes for them but they do what I wanted them to do (yay)



Back to Malifaux!

You may have seen my blog post from last night showing the last miniature of an army commission finished, meaning I can now paint my own stuff and get back to painting for the main game I play and indeed paint for my own….pleasure (gasp)

I haven’t painted anything of my own for nine months, I could’ve had a baby in that time if biologically possible, apart from a half arsed mess about at some OSL on a Dead Rider model (also needed it for a tournament)

As you can imagine, 9 months without painting anything of your own builds up a little bit of a backlouge, 50 models to be precise

20150120_150020 20150120_150102

Holy crap!

I thought I’d been pretty good with not buying stuff as I knew I couldn’t paint it, I resisted buying absolutely anything from Gencon and black Friday, turns out that didn’t help greatly!

That is just malifaux stuff too, I have a Saga Warband laying about in bare metal as well.

I know to a lot of people this isn’t really a massive backlogue of stuff, to me it’s almost insane.  I really dislike models sitting in my cupboard unpainted, to me it represents money I’ve sunk into something thats not being used, so almost wasted and puts me off my more free-spirited paint what I like attitude.

So what am I gonna do?  I’m gonna sort this backlogue one model at a time!

Where to start is a problem though, I have a half finished Kirai crew that needs adding to if I’m ever gonna play it


You can read on the thoughts behind this crew and the painting experiment I was doing on it in the archives of this blog.

To finish that though I need a few more unpainted models than I have so although the paint job insipres me to finish it, the impossibility of being able to complete right now puts me off for the min.

So embracing the ‘one model at a time’ attitude, I’ve settled on Toshiro.  I’ve been playing around with even filthier Molly crews and think he could fight right in nicely, it also helps that the model is pretty cool too 😉


So with that it’s to the paint table!

Not Malifaux, for not much longer

As I’ve mentioned before numerous times, I’m coming close to finishing a 30k commission I’ve had going for the best part of last year (yay x 30,000) not really posted a lot (or even any pics) as it’s mosty ‘tabletop standard’ stuff, but I did this which is a lot closer to my usual standard of paint work.

It’s certainly not my usual style of things, but the client wanted as close to the stock paint job as possible, metallic metals aren’t really my usual forte for a start but it was nice to work with them for a change.

Pretty cool model whatever the weather.




Review of 2014 and a look towards 2015

So I sit here at the In-laws ready to write this blog, it’s very noisy with kids running around and I seem to be on tea duty while the women play cards, so lets see how much of this I can get done and indeed how much makes sense with ample distraction.

2014 has been a busy year for me, but what has happened with my gaming?

Well, I introduced my wife and daughter to some more geeky, challenging board games instead of the usual mainstream ones and they went down really well.

Zombiciede, Dobble and Love Letter becoming firm favourites, just below the most popular- Ticket to Ride which we all love and play most often.  It’s great to get some gaming time in with the family that is a little more strategic and fun than your average roll the dice 99% luck games.

I also picked up Saga to play with a set of people I don’t get to game with as often these days.  It’s not my favourite system in the world (Malifaux!), but it’s not a bad little game with decent strategy to play on occasion.  I’ve probably had roughly 10 games of it and have aquired a 6 point force of Vikings in metal, something in which I’d probably like to change to plastic, or at least add some plastic to, we’ll see.

Most of my gaming this year, unsuprisingly and unregrettably has been comprised of Malifaux. If I had to estimate the amount of games played I think it’d be in the region of 90 odd altogether which isn’t too shabby I’d say!

I’ve been to 9 tournaments over the year which I’m suprised I’ve been allowed to get away with having a Wife and kids and working most Saturdays.  Tournaments on the Malifaux scene are great though, always well run with great people to play, if you haven’t been to one before you should really think about it, it doesn’t matter if you’re competative or just like pushing toys around, you’ll more than likely have a great time.

In Tournaments and out I’ve been mostly playing ressers and by mostly ressers that means mostly Molly.  Molly just fits the way I like to play, she has tons of different ways to build a crew and ways to actually build herself, let alone lots of triggers and things to summon. Her fluff is amazing too and I just love the cast-off horror theme she has going.

I’ve also been playing a bit of McMourning, Nico, some Viks and a little Von Schill while trying to learn Seamus. I love Seamus’ fluff and models but I just don’t think he works for me on the table which is sad but think it’s the same for Nico too.  I’ve always gone in with the approach of collecting and playing an entire faction but I’ve realised that these two masters aren’t really for me (probably won’t stop me testing them now and again though!)  I’m pretty much there with McMourning though and can pick him up and play quite efficently even with just a few games with him this year, I like the fact that I use a totally different set of models with him compared to Molly too, makes for a fun switch up.

Tournament game-wise i’ve not done anything spectacular in terms of results, but have gradually been getting better as the year has gone on, which is pretty cool.  In the last two tournaments I’ve played in I’ve been in contention for some decent positions – 15th at the GT and 2nd at wyrdo with a beardo, my own bad play screwing me over before my opponents making sure I couldn’t recover, but I wasn’t ever out of each game which is a good thing to take away for me, as is knowing where I went wrong. Definitely got stronger at competative play.

If I look back at the tournaments I’ve attended throughout the year and had to pick my favourite, it’d have to be the GT.  The GT was the biggest Malifaux event ever in the world, it brought together the north and south and I met lots of people I hadn’t before.  It was great to see groups of people I only see at some northern tournaments with people I only see at southern ones. All this while being a smartly run 2 dayer (something I don’t do often) where there was plenty of time to socialise and get drunk (#towelsout anyone?) great raffle prizes, nice venue, early Sunday finish….need I go on?

One thing I do like about tournaments, and I’m sure Mr Joel Henry was alluding to it on the latest Malifools, is travelling about.  I’ve heard talk of Wargaming Meccas, the likes of what Maelstrom used to be, and while I like them, if every event was held in the same location it’d get a little boring.  I enjoy heading to a town I’ve never been before talking crap in the car with mates and turning up to some random WMC, playing people I’ve not met or don’t see often.

Painting-wise I haven’t done a lot of Malifaux at all, nearly a non-existant painting year for me 😦  I took on an army commission earlier this year but have been working roughly 2 hours more a day at work which has really hampered my painting time and so made this commission stretch much longer than it should have done.

So, in effect, the only painting I have done for myself this year is a Kirai box set right at the start of the year, which I haven’t even played with, and 4 models for my Molly crew.  Despite only painting 4 useable models this year I’ve done pretty damn well in painting contests at tournaments as you can see from the trophies etc below!


So what I’m looking at for the year ahead in gaming, painting and all things hobby?

I’d love to finally get back into my original, which has now become secondary faction, The Outcasts. Still very much like Viks and Von schill but need to play them a lot more.  Also love the idea of some of the newer masters (Jack Daw, Tara)  and it has long been the aim to get into a few of them (Hamelin, Leve, Misaki) I just seem to be taking my time getting to it!  I’m going to aim to make the entire faction plastic, but we’ll see about that one!

Still can see myself playing tons of Molly in the Ressers, more McM and will paint and try out Yan Lo and Kirai to see if either match my playstyle and can increase my Resser arsenal.

We’ll see how all that goes, but it’s just a rough plan, I’ll play whatever I feel like 🙂

In the more competative side of gaming, I’d like to finish no lower than where I am now in the rankings, maybe top 30 would be nice however even staying in the same place as I finished this year (46th) would be like finishing higher as the scene gets bigger and better skilled.

Painting for the coming year will hopefully be a lot different to this one.  I’m coming to the end of this Army commission I’ve had going so will be clear to do whatever I like.  That means a lot of Malifaux painting for myself and maybe some other bits too.  I might take on the odd commission, but not for a while and it’ll only be single model ones to a high standard.

Looking Forwards to 2015!

Guildball Model Review

A while back an Email appeared in my inbox from one of the guys at Guildball, asking if (because I’m an avid fan of painting models) I would be interested in reviewing and giving honest feedback on one of their models…

Would I?…erm….

So what is Guildball?


Well if you’ve not heard anything about it I’m surprised!  In a nutshell it’s a game of medieval style football, to say it was medieval in style though would do it an injustice I think, it has more of a cool comic book art style to it I reckon. Just look at the Guildball site for the artwork of the teams. Beware though, those models aren’t actually available at the moment, released in December I think as that is when the Kickstarter is delivering.

The Kickstarter actually really funded the game, it’s not a pre-sale mechanism as it’s just two guys behind the game. I didn’t go in for the kickstarter in the end as I don’t really have the money to invest in something I’ll see a year later, call me old-fashioned or child-like but if I pay for something I want it now!  Saying that, Guildball made me sign up to kickstarter and actually pledge, it was very tempting but when I saw that it was funded I opted to wait to possibly buy into the game when it’s released. I have a feeling this will happen as a couple of mates at my club have backed the kickstarter, one quite heavily after me pointing him at it.

Gameplay wise I’m not entirely sure, it differs from Bloodbowl and Dreadzone in the way it’s played on a wargaming table and not a board with pre-defined zones/squares. I have yet to play but it sounds very interesting.


Anyway, this is what came through the post



After inspecting it I’d have to say it’s a good quality mini, especially for a metal model.  I’ve seen and been involved in talk on the interwebz about the pricing of the Guildball minis, some saying they’re quite expensive.  While they are on the higher-end side of pricing, and we have to remember these webstore prices are RRP before normal discounts that other webstores will offer, I have to say that judging by this mini, you are getting what you pay for, a quality, highly detailed mini that when you compare with other companies that do similar stuff it seems good.

I’ve recently bought into a game called Saga using Gripping Beast miniatures in which the models work out at about £1.20-30 per model, but the production quality, detail and overall look of the minis, while nice and fine for the game as the model count is higher, is nowhere near the same class. You get what you pay for in most cases.

I know that I can spend more time on this mini and come out with a better result and higher class paint job akin to the malifaux plastics than I could on any of the GB minis.

Anyway, I put Boiler together



It didn’t take a great deal of effort, mould lines where very minor, no ugly gaps when fitting aside from a small one on the arm he is bearing his weight on, but this didn’t need filling, the superglue and a tiny bit of filing took care of it.  The pieces came off the metal ‘sprue’ just by bending. In fact the only tool I used for this assembly was a needle file and superglue!

He has ended up looking exactly like his render, this is something I like model companies to do as it’s helpful to see exactly what the model is like before buying.




All I have to do now is get some paint on it, which could prove hard at the moment being as I’m still knee-deep in commissions, but I’ll have an update on how it’s going, or gone at some point soon.  In the future maybe my own team, or more than likely a commissioned team as I’ve already had interest on that note!

If you’re interested in even more info on Guildball, check out the Guildball episodes on the excellent Fools Daily podcast, they give a pretty good insight into the game etc.