A year of gaming and painting

I’ve been meaning to do a little look back on what I’ve been up to last year in both gaming and painting, as much as for myself as for the blog.  It being a fair old while since my last post I thought I’d better.

Thinking back to the start of 2015 gaming wise I was still playing a lot of Molly and got my highest placing of the year at the leauge of Extraordinary Henchman in January (6/30).  I played in four tournaments from Jan to March, LoEH sat and sun, Vapnartak and Lemonentry, using Molly in 3 and Viks in 1.

I then had a massive tournament hiatus not going to another one until September, playing a lot of Guildball in the time between as well as Malifaux.

I sold most of my Resser collection in the spring and then learnt how to play Kirai, using her in tournaments for the rest of the year. Attending From the Shadows, Drunken Monkey, Into the Quarantine Zone and the UKGT 2015.  Best result from these was probably the UKGT, finishing 32/88, winning 4/7 games.

Favourite tournament of the year was the UKGT, it was an awesome weekend, as weekend events tend to be, 7 great games and the social side was amazing, not least because the of the awesome night out on the Saturday.  I must say 2 day tournaments are by far my favourite because of the total immersion you enter into, but these are few and far between for me due to family commitments etc which makes them all the more special.

So a total of 8 Malifaux tournaments in 2015 which is fairly low considering 2014 was 10. I have a feeling there’ll be more for me this year.

Non-malifaux and Guildball gaming consisted of family gaming, Puppet Wars (fricking love this game) a game of Dreadfleet and the usual board style games, Forbidden Island, Dobble, Takenoko, Small World, Ticket to Ride, Love Letter, Zombicide etc.


Painting has been pretty lacklustre this year for me I think.

The year started with me finishing of a 30K Worldeaters army commission



Another Commission in the form of a high level Fisherman team for Guildball






After this I decided I was giving up commision painting for several reasons so focused back on painting up my own models.

I Painted up  a couple of Puppets


puppets p

Also a full Puppet crew, in a week, to play Malifaux in the GT




Did some Dreadfleet terrain and other bits (not finished)




Painted and textured some boards to make a gaming table



Made myself a paint rack



Put together two Guildball teams, made a goal and painted one model



Painted some random Malifaux models that needed finishing








And pretty much finished painting the whole of my Kirai crew






So actually looking at it like that I’ve just convinced myself I haven’t been too unproductive with the painting/hobby in 2015, I just haven’t painted many Malifaux crews I guess.

Awards for painting in tournaments?

Well, I entered into 4/8 best painted competitions of the tournaments I went to (really seems like more than that, actually shocked that it’s that low!)

Of the 4, I won best painted once with my Viks crew and placed 2nd in best painted trinity of models.  1/4 and 1 2nd place isn’t bad at all, happy with that.


Next up I think I’ll write a post on what I’ll be planning on doing in the coming year and my aims/goals for it, so until then!





Update and Kirai crew WIP

It’s been a while since blogging but I’ve been fairly busy, add that to the fact my daughter’s tablet is broken and I barely even see my laptop to write anything.

I’ve put my foot down for the minute and wrestled the laptop from her to finish off making puppet wars cards for the puppets that are metal using the rules that were on the puppet wars site, but that is down at the moment so instead this blog can be done!

Anyway, now that I’ve stopped painting commissions for other people I’ve got time to paint my own minis and I’ve got my painting bug back big time.  I’m using this enthusiasm to paint up stuff in the backlouge of my collection, not buying anything new unless it’s to complete crews that is in the backlouge.

I’m trying my best to stick to what I was going to do, which was collect and paint complete crews, not factions.  No interchanging models.  Mainly due to basing differences but also so if I want to sell off a master/crew it’s a complete one and I’m not missing anything if I do.  It’s hard to do with some models when you do multiple crews in the same faction and there are models that work in all of them.

First thing I’ve been painting is finishing off the Kirai crew I started 21 months ago!

Bought a few proxies to try and keep the crew in theme and because they’re cool, but continuing with the original experiment of ramming primary colours together that I don’t think fit and trying to make them fit.

Here’s what’s complete so far;



20150918_194044Crew shot


Proxy Gaki


Group shot


These weren’t actually painted for the crew but I had them painted and they fit in so based them up with the garden style basing of the crew


Proxy Ikyro (needs basing and varnish)




Working on the hanged at the mo, with Graveyard spirit proxy, nurse proxy and Izamu to follow, pics when done

Shop Closed!

I decided to put a blanket ban on Commissions when I finish the one I’m doing for….forever! (Or for the foreseeable anyway)


My painting time has decreased over the last year so commissions leave me with no time for my own hobby which sucks a bit.

The way I hobby, I paint stuff and play with it before selling it when bored, or it feels like it’s time to move it on.
I get roughly the same, or negligible difference in price, for when I sell my own stuff as compared to when I commission paint so I might as well paint what I want!

So for now, shop closed!

A catch up on my hobby

A general post on what I’ve been up to for the last 3 months and what I plan to be up to with painting and gaming.

First things first, I sold a lot of my Ressers for Malifaux, Molly, Seamus, Nicodem, McMourning and most of the stuff that goes with them which included a fair amount of models.


A few reasons…. I’m not a massive fan of going back to projects.  Finding the same basing, paint scheme etc is a ball ache.  I really like running with an idea and seeing it through to completion and it’s done. I can then game with it for a good while and then move it on to fund other projects.

With almost a full faction of stuff, interchanging it and adding to it with the same basing, paint styles etc wasn’t motivating me or satisfying my painting itches.

What I’d really rather do is pick a master, get everything for it, paint it all on the same basing and add in proxies/conversions if needs be, making it more themed to the style I want it, a self contained crew, it pleases me more.  This is what I’ll be doing in Malifaux from now on, no faction collecting, just crews. Even if I have to dulpicate models for different crews I don’t care.

First i shall be going back and finishing my half-done projects, half-finished really irks me so that’ll be Freikorps next, followed by Kirai that I started over a year ago, Misaki and maybe Yan Lo but he’s significantly on the back burner.  Ohh, also add to the Viks a little bit too to call the crew finished.

I’ve not been to a Malifaux tournament or been playing at all for the past couple of months either because of

Guild Ball!

This game came out and swooped me off my feet, along with quite a few other mates, I’ve been playing quite a bit and put together a couple of teams, Butchers and Masons.

It’s a great little game.  Very pleased with how it’s come out and I can see it having a fair bit of longevity.  The models, as seen by the limited Ed I got hold of a while ago are very good quality and absolutely beautiful, which helps.

I built a custom goal out of bits, some kindly donated (thanks Joel) and got it painted, just in time to enter an official competition, which my entry got me into the shortlist just to be pipped by another entry.

Also painted up the limited Ed Boiler

20150421_203738_Richtone(HDR) 20150421_203746_Richtone(HDR) 20150421_203756_Richtone(HDR)

So I still have to paint the rest of the Butchers and the Masons, plus make a custom goal for the Masons.


Currently painting a Guildball Fishermen team on commission.  Will post pics when done.

Other projects i have on the go are

Puppet Wars!


Loving this game at the min, it helps that my Wife likes it too so I can get a game regulary.  The Puppet models are ace.  Beautiful and so much fun to paint, painting the whole set and the metals afterwards is gonna be a side project I have.

On this note, if anyone knows a way to print the playtest cards from the Puppet Wars website please let me know, I’d love to be able to have them!

This game is great fun, if you haven’t given it a go, you’re losing out!

Painted these little critters so far

puppets p

Got copy of Dreadfleet on the way too which will become a painting project much like this one for fun.

Also, I textured my gaming board on a whim a few weekends ago, this was after buying some trees for basing, I bought that many it got me thinking about a proper gaming table.  Want to make an Oriental board with Cherry Blossom trees a few Oriental buildings and some water features, this is yet another slow burn project.


So basically I’m putting a self-imposed ban on the buying of anything hobby, unless it is totally essential to complete any project/crew. I intend to stick to this for the rest of the year at least.  Lets see how that works out, I have faith at the min.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

Painting Progress- thinning down the Malifaux stash

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to get the malifaux painting queue down a little bit, still lots of cool models waiting but the unpainted stash is slowly dwindling.  Everything painted so far needs basing but will do that all in one go or in batches. (think I’m due for a batch soon so I get some on the table!)

Not exactly sure what I’m doing with basing as the models that need painting all belong to crews with their own style of basing, I think I’ll just match them up to crews that I think the models work with the most.

Here’s what I’ve managed so far then…..

First I painted a couple of Night Terrors


Not the best sculpts in the world and not my favourite models but I’ve had them for ages and wanna really use them in game, they go with pretty much any resser master and I can see many uses for them so they got painted.  (actually since drafting this post I used them in a game and was very pleasantly suprised with what they offer.  Annoyance, quite hard to get rid of and most likley activation control if hiring a couple of them is all a bonus to a 3ss model that is fast moving and can count towards strats because it is a minion, even though it can’t interact)

Then I knocked out these three




Really like the female model and the one from the artwork in book 2 (bottom pic), they’re very decent summons for Molly, should be good for Kirai and Jack, plus look to work well with Jaakuna who I’ll be painting up soon. I’ll be adding rust or weathering the metals on these and adding pond/water ‘goo’ for want of a better word after varnishing.

Started work on a Student of Steel who is really essential for Molly, will post pics when done. (since finished him since drafting this blog, apart from possible metal weathering)


I’ve also just finished painting Chiaki who I posted WIP photos of on twitter most of the way through








So that’s 7 models finished in 2.5 weeks which isn’t too bad, they obviously all still need basing and varnishing though.

Plenty of unpainted models left to work through, but after a game with Von Schill the other day I decided I want to learn him and maybe play him in the next tournament I do, whichever one that is as I’ve currently not got one booked in, will have to remedy that. Played a couple of games with him in M2e but nothing major unlike the first ed of Malifaux.  I already have his old box set painted but that needs some stuff adding, the first will be Hannah, who I’m putting together (Since drafting I’m not sure I will take VS to the next tournamnet as Molly is again calling with different crew set ups :/  what can I say, she’s my favourite master!  I did however finish putting Hannah together which was an endevour to say the least)


She’s awesome.  I was really impressed with her in the first game I used her and have since worked out a few things I wanna try with her to make the most of her 6 double blast servere, Arcane reservoir is a great bonus too.

Apart from her I need to retouch up the rest of the crew and paint a Strongarm which I accidently ordered the other day, so that’ll be the next things I paint.  It’ll help to break up the undead I have an abundance of.

Plans after finishing VS are gonna be to finish my metal kirai crew, I’m slowly aquiring the models I need , I can’t stand half finished projects so it’ll be great to get her done.

That’s all for now folks, will see which projects get finished next as since drafting this post my mind keeps changing on what is being painted/gamed with  so what you see or hear next is anybodys guess 😀  My money is on more undead.

Any comments, follows, shares or links from your blog are very welcome!

Painting and gaming (suprisingly)


Firstly I thought it might be a good time to actually update on my tournament gaming a little as i’ve not for a while.

In Malifaux I’m still playing Molly a lot, I took her to a couple of tournaments and did ok I think.  I took her to The League of Extraordinary Henchmen (Saturday) which in case you didn’t know is a side event to the Malifaux Masters tournament that anyone can enter held up in Coalville, close to me. It was well run by the lovely Mike Marshall and very shouty but also lovely Lee Battrick (thanks guys).  I ended up finishing up in 6th out of 30, which is my highest tournament finish in M2E.  

The Sunday (which was a seperate tournament) saw me breaking out the Viks because I knew I could finish every game with them unlike the previous day and it would be less intense thinking than with Molly. I was right, I manged to finish all my games bar one and was even on table 1 after 2 games! (promptly knocked back down in a Vik off by my nemesis John Wharton) ending up finishing just under mid table.

I also broke out Molly for my third year at Vapnartak, a wargames convention in which  Mr Chris Holloway ran the Malifaux tournament there (thanks).  Ended up 15/28,  Mr Doxey with Kaeris and my first ever game against Leveticus seeing my downfall.

All in all though as mentioned before, my tournament play is definetly slowly improving and staying fairly consistant, when I lose it usually isn’t by much which is helping my VP diff. Still having lots of fun at tournaments too, no boring games and so many good people help with that. Need to get another one booked in!

I’ve brought out Jack Daw in a couple of club games and am really liking him, he has a playstyle that will fit me well I think, just want that box set to come out!

Painting-wise I’ve started slowly chundering through the backlouge of minis I’ve built up over the last year with Toshiro


He isn’t totally finished, he needs basing, varnishing and gore adding in his stomach.

I’ve aquired Jaakuna Ubume from Matt Spooner (thanks) and going to be getting a couple of proxies for shikome from Panzer Harris (thanks) so it’s looking like I may be able to finish my colourful Kirai crew which will be great, more on that when it happens….

As to what to paint from the backlouge next, you’ll have to wait until my next blog….