A year of gaming and painting

I’ve been meaning to do a little look back on what I’ve been up to last year in both gaming and painting, as much as for myself as for the blog.  It being a fair old while since my last post I thought I’d better.

Thinking back to the start of 2015 gaming wise I was still playing a lot of Molly and got my highest placing of the year at the leauge of Extraordinary Henchman in January (6/30).  I played in four tournaments from Jan to March, LoEH sat and sun, Vapnartak and Lemonentry, using Molly in 3 and Viks in 1.

I then had a massive tournament hiatus not going to another one until September, playing a lot of Guildball in the time between as well as Malifaux.

I sold most of my Resser collection in the spring and then learnt how to play Kirai, using her in tournaments for the rest of the year. Attending From the Shadows, Drunken Monkey, Into the Quarantine Zone and the UKGT 2015.  Best result from these was probably the UKGT, finishing 32/88, winning 4/7 games.

Favourite tournament of the year was the UKGT, it was an awesome weekend, as weekend events tend to be, 7 great games and the social side was amazing, not least because the of the awesome night out on the Saturday.  I must say 2 day tournaments are by far my favourite because of the total immersion you enter into, but these are few and far between for me due to family commitments etc which makes them all the more special.

So a total of 8 Malifaux tournaments in 2015 which is fairly low considering 2014 was 10. I have a feeling there’ll be more for me this year.

Non-malifaux and Guildball gaming consisted of family gaming, Puppet Wars (fricking love this game) a game of Dreadfleet and the usual board style games, Forbidden Island, Dobble, Takenoko, Small World, Ticket to Ride, Love Letter, Zombicide etc.


Painting has been pretty lacklustre this year for me I think.

The year started with me finishing of a 30K Worldeaters army commission



Another Commission in the form of a high level Fisherman team for Guildball






After this I decided I was giving up commision painting for several reasons so focused back on painting up my own models.

I Painted up  a couple of Puppets


puppets p

Also a full Puppet crew, in a week, to play Malifaux in the GT




Did some Dreadfleet terrain and other bits (not finished)




Painted and textured some boards to make a gaming table



Made myself a paint rack



Put together two Guildball teams, made a goal and painted one model



Painted some random Malifaux models that needed finishing








And pretty much finished painting the whole of my Kirai crew






So actually looking at it like that I’ve just convinced myself I haven’t been too unproductive with the painting/hobby in 2015, I just haven’t painted many Malifaux crews I guess.

Awards for painting in tournaments?

Well, I entered into 4/8 best painted competitions of the tournaments I went to (really seems like more than that, actually shocked that it’s that low!)

Of the 4, I won best painted once with my Viks crew and placed 2nd in best painted trinity of models.  1/4 and 1 2nd place isn’t bad at all, happy with that.


Next up I think I’ll write a post on what I’ll be planning on doing in the coming year and my aims/goals for it, so until then!