Update and Kirai crew WIP

It’s been a while since blogging but I’ve been fairly busy, add that to the fact my daughter’s tablet is broken and I barely even see my laptop to write anything.

I’ve put my foot down for the minute and wrestled the laptop from her to finish off making puppet wars cards for the puppets that are metal using the rules that were on the puppet wars site, but that is down at the moment so instead this blog can be done!

Anyway, now that I’ve stopped painting commissions for other people I’ve got time to paint my own minis and I’ve got my painting bug back big time.  I’m using this enthusiasm to paint up stuff in the backlouge of my collection, not buying anything new unless it’s to complete crews that is in the backlouge.

I’m trying my best to stick to what I was going to do, which was collect and paint complete crews, not factions.  No interchanging models.  Mainly due to basing differences but also so if I want to sell off a master/crew it’s a complete one and I’m not missing anything if I do.  It’s hard to do with some models when you do multiple crews in the same faction and there are models that work in all of them.

First thing I’ve been painting is finishing off the Kirai crew I started 21 months ago!

Bought a few proxies to try and keep the crew in theme and because they’re cool, but continuing with the original experiment of ramming primary colours together that I don’t think fit and trying to make them fit.

Here’s what’s complete so far;



20150918_194044Crew shot


Proxy Gaki


Group shot


These weren’t actually painted for the crew but I had them painted and they fit in so based them up with the garden style basing of the crew


Proxy Ikyro (needs basing and varnish)




Working on the hanged at the mo, with Graveyard spirit proxy, nurse proxy and Izamu to follow, pics when done


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