Painting Progress- thinning down the Malifaux stash

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to get the malifaux painting queue down a little bit, still lots of cool models waiting but the unpainted stash is slowly dwindling.  Everything painted so far needs basing but will do that all in one go or in batches. (think I’m due for a batch soon so I get some on the table!)

Not exactly sure what I’m doing with basing as the models that need painting all belong to crews with their own style of basing, I think I’ll just match them up to crews that I think the models work with the most.

Here’s what I’ve managed so far then…..

First I painted a couple of Night Terrors


Not the best sculpts in the world and not my favourite models but I’ve had them for ages and wanna really use them in game, they go with pretty much any resser master and I can see many uses for them so they got painted.  (actually since drafting this post I used them in a game and was very pleasantly suprised with what they offer.  Annoyance, quite hard to get rid of and most likley activation control if hiring a couple of them is all a bonus to a 3ss model that is fast moving and can count towards strats because it is a minion, even though it can’t interact)

Then I knocked out these three




Really like the female model and the one from the artwork in book 2 (bottom pic), they’re very decent summons for Molly, should be good for Kirai and Jack, plus look to work well with Jaakuna who I’ll be painting up soon. I’ll be adding rust or weathering the metals on these and adding pond/water ‘goo’ for want of a better word after varnishing.

Started work on a Student of Steel who is really essential for Molly, will post pics when done. (since finished him since drafting this blog, apart from possible metal weathering)


I’ve also just finished painting Chiaki who I posted WIP photos of on twitter most of the way through








So that’s 7 models finished in 2.5 weeks which isn’t too bad, they obviously all still need basing and varnishing though.

Plenty of unpainted models left to work through, but after a game with Von Schill the other day I decided I want to learn him and maybe play him in the next tournament I do, whichever one that is as I’ve currently not got one booked in, will have to remedy that. Played a couple of games with him in M2e but nothing major unlike the first ed of Malifaux.  I already have his old box set painted but that needs some stuff adding, the first will be Hannah, who I’m putting together (Since drafting I’m not sure I will take VS to the next tournamnet as Molly is again calling with different crew set ups :/  what can I say, she’s my favourite master!  I did however finish putting Hannah together which was an endevour to say the least)


She’s awesome.  I was really impressed with her in the first game I used her and have since worked out a few things I wanna try with her to make the most of her 6 double blast servere, Arcane reservoir is a great bonus too.

Apart from her I need to retouch up the rest of the crew and paint a Strongarm which I accidently ordered the other day, so that’ll be the next things I paint.  It’ll help to break up the undead I have an abundance of.

Plans after finishing VS are gonna be to finish my metal kirai crew, I’m slowly aquiring the models I need , I can’t stand half finished projects so it’ll be great to get her done.

That’s all for now folks, will see which projects get finished next as since drafting this post my mind keeps changing on what is being painted/gamed with  so what you see or hear next is anybodys guess 😀  My money is on more undead.

Any comments, follows, shares or links from your blog are very welcome!


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