Procrastinating, or maybe not….

I was all geared up to get painting yesterday evening but was getting fed up with my paints being everywhere.  If you didn’t know, I paint on an Ikea shelf as a space saver, this amuses a lot of people but hey, it’s my very own dedicated painting space that I can leave in a state when I want without anyone moaning or cleaning it.

But yeh, most of that space was being taken up by paints, so I decieded to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a couple of weeks and knock these up with instead of painting, I won’t win any design awards or noble peace prizes for them but they do what I wanted them to do (yay)



Back to Malifaux!

You may have seen my blog post from last night showing the last miniature of an army commission finished, meaning I can now paint my own stuff and get back to painting for the main game I play and indeed paint for my own….pleasure (gasp)

I haven’t painted anything of my own for nine months, I could’ve had a baby in that time if biologically possible, apart from a half arsed mess about at some OSL on a Dead Rider model (also needed it for a tournament)

As you can imagine, 9 months without painting anything of your own builds up a little bit of a backlouge, 50 models to be precise

20150120_150020 20150120_150102

Holy crap!

I thought I’d been pretty good with not buying stuff as I knew I couldn’t paint it, I resisted buying absolutely anything from Gencon and black Friday, turns out that didn’t help greatly!

That is just malifaux stuff too, I have a Saga Warband laying about in bare metal as well.

I know to a lot of people this isn’t really a massive backlogue of stuff, to me it’s almost insane.  I really dislike models sitting in my cupboard unpainted, to me it represents money I’ve sunk into something thats not being used, so almost wasted and puts me off my more free-spirited paint what I like attitude.

So what am I gonna do?  I’m gonna sort this backlogue one model at a time!

Where to start is a problem though, I have a half finished Kirai crew that needs adding to if I’m ever gonna play it


You can read on the thoughts behind this crew and the painting experiment I was doing on it in the archives of this blog.

To finish that though I need a few more unpainted models than I have so although the paint job insipres me to finish it, the impossibility of being able to complete right now puts me off for the min.

So embracing the ‘one model at a time’ attitude, I’ve settled on Toshiro.  I’ve been playing around with even filthier Molly crews and think he could fight right in nicely, it also helps that the model is pretty cool too 😉


So with that it’s to the paint table!

Not Malifaux, for not much longer

As I’ve mentioned before numerous times, I’m coming close to finishing a 30k commission I’ve had going for the best part of last year (yay x 30,000) not really posted a lot (or even any pics) as it’s mosty ‘tabletop standard’ stuff, but I did this which is a lot closer to my usual standard of paint work.

It’s certainly not my usual style of things, but the client wanted as close to the stock paint job as possible, metallic metals aren’t really my usual forte for a start but it was nice to work with them for a change.

Pretty cool model whatever the weather.