Thinking aloud


I’m looking forward to the biggest malifaux event this year, Fistful o’fate, Joelfaux or FistingJoel, whatever you’d like to call it (I prefer the latter 😉 ) it’s on this coming Sunday, it’s run by a friend and clubmate plus it’s only 30-40 mins drive away.
It’d be rude not to attend, but I wouldn’t need any convincing anway.

I could actually do with a sit down and a look at the pack properly and make some plans to not waste time before games.

I’ll be using Nico for the most part, have only played a couple of games with him but I can use him ok and am loving his playstyle.
I’ll be taking along all the ressers so might mix it up a bit.
At the very least I’ll have fun and it’ll be good to see people I’ve met at various tournies and maybe meet ones I haven’t!

Need to have a look at what to enter for the best painted prize.
I haven’t painted many ressers lately, entering stuff I painted a while ago seems weird to me but it’s not like it’s been turning up at every tournament.
For instance McM was painted earlier this year (I think) but has only been entered for the painting prize twice, Seamus twice and Nico never.
Not sure which crew to enter yet.

In other gaming news I played a great game at the club, learning what Nico can do that little bit more and just scraped a 10-9.

I gave the Muhahahaha upgrade another chance and found a great synergy with Undertaker which allows card drawing to the extent of me feeling like I was using Lynch.
It’s gone up in my estimation quite a bit.
It also allows for thematic situations such as this


Poor Perdita!

In painting I’m one step closer to finishing the Viks box set after painting this lady



Just one more Ronin to paint and the basing and all done.
For the bases I’ve sunken them to put some water effects in, we’ll see how that goes.

That’s what I’m up to, been up to and going to be upto.

Thanks for reading the ramblings!


Nico’s rising

So Nico was busted out in a great game against my good friend Joel Henry (Zoraida) yesterday at my local club.

I should mention that when me and Joel play I tend to up my game for some reason, he brings my competitive edge out, not in a bad way, just in a way that makes me concentrate majorly.
This was a brilliant game full of shenanigans, a constant back and forth of one of us getting the upper hand, for it only to be dodged and have it switched back.

So that was my first game with Nico, in which I discovered I really like his playstyle and was happy to hold Joel to a 6-2 win (better than a 10-2 😉

What did I learn?

Well, slightly related to Nico, you need to have line of sight in order for auras to take effect.
A big one there!

I’m not so sure if the (0) to raise mindless Z’s upgrade (Muhahahahaha) is worth it.
Pretty sure after playing him that they’re far from essential currently.
The main benefits look to be being able to move around your corpse markers and sacrificing them to let you draw a card (if an upgrade is taken, but I will always take the undertaker upgrade).

Undertaker and Shadow Embrace will be pretty much auto upgrades for the time being I reckon, just the 3rd slot competed for between the awesome looking Necrotic king, Reaper Grin and Muhahahahaha.

Unsure if Morti is 11ss worth of model as of now, probably is though.
Generally I have issues with anything worth over 7ss if I have to buy it.
We’ll see how that goes.

As for the rest of the crew, PZ’s are 7 shades of awesome in Nico’s bubble, especially with Necrotic King.
Everything else to taste atm.

Looking forward to the next Nico game….


3 posts in 3 days!
I don’t expect to be updating this regulary all of the time, just when I have something hobby to say or show.

Basically today is just showing off some decent pics of a Ronin I just finished for my new Viks crew.
Paintjob is finished anyway, still needs varnishing, a blast of matt varnish to dull the shine and obviously a base.
I shall base all of the box set together though to save time and get a decent sense of what I want the basing as a whole to look like.

Here she is






Note that these are some hyper zoomed photos, hard to look at this closely with the naked eye, this is more of a standard distance to photograph at

One thing I absolutely love about Malifaux is the scope it gives me to just paint a model as a stand alone piece, I don’t have to paint in a colour scheme that ties in to the rest of the crew to a degree, unless fluff or the models dictate I do.
For example Guild Guard would dictate I paint them in mostly the same scheme, whereas the Ronin are plain clothes Ninjas so are unique to each other.
The models in this crew will be tied together simply by a few suggestive colours that are on models and the basing.

Enough rambling for today anyway, hope you enjoy the pics!

Busting out Nico

Just a quick one today…

So tomorrow will be my first 2.0 game with Nicodem, apart from a quick 1.5 game to see what he was like.
The only straight Resser wave 1 master I haven’t used.
Always had a hankering to play him but wanted to make sure I had a good selection of painted minions and Mindless Z’s first for his summoning capabilities.

He appeals to me fluff-wise a lot but reading through his current rules I’m seeing the buffs and healing he is capable of and I really think he’ll be something I’ll enjoy playing, a totally different playstyle to anything I’ve used in the last 18 months.

But if it all goes tits up and he’s crap I doubt I’ll ever get bored of saying ‘Muhahahahaha!’


I’ve been thinking of writing a blog for quite a while but my main internet device being a phone has made me lazy and not want to do it.
Until now!
The Malifools topic also helped spur me on, thanks guys!

If you don’t know me I guess I should introduce myself…
I’ve been playing and painting wargames since I was 13 (now coming up to 31), had a little break around mid teens to pursue other ‘interests’ (I’m sure you can imagine the like of which I speak 😉 ) and got back into playing mainly warhammer at an awesome club which is now called Leicester SQUIG, when I was around 21.
I ended up taking most roles in the club ( Secretary, Chair, board), running it for a good while, before taking a back seat these days.
It now boasts a regular 10 games per night, some awesome terrain and a great atmosphere, the atmosphere has always been great though, we have some awesome guys.

Warhammer was always my primary game in which I used to attend quite a few tournaments, until about 18 months ago when pretty much every Warhammer player turned to 40k or, with the help of Joel Henry, Malifaux.

Since then it’s been all about Malifaux!
I’m quite active on twitter and the Malifaux tournament scene where I’ve met some awesome people.
Probably best known for my painting skills rather than gaming (although I did finish third in a tourney! Which I hold on to!)

I like to try to play a competitive game as I feel I owe it to whoever I play the game with, but will still do the occassional silly move for the craic depending on my mood, as having fun and making the game an interactive social experience is why i love gaming!

So why start this blog?
I’d like to blog my painting in a decent format and this seems the easier way to do it as the Wyrd forum doesn’t seem to upload pics in a format that works well for me.
I’ll also blog gaming thoughts now and again which are sometimes a bit longer than 140 characters.

In malifaux I play Ressers as a main faction but have always dabbled in Outcasts, which I will continue,  so expect painting and thoughts to be on on those along with other general hobby stuff.

At the minute I’m flicking between painting up a massive backlogue of Resser stuff and a Viks crew.

Currently I’m working on this Ronin

Did a little facepaint on her, which I think fits, but looks a little like a Geisha imo.
I’ll be painting her similar to the artwork with a few added details like the face paint and maybe some ripped stockings
Will be working on her over this weekend once I’ve finished fixing the chips on my resser models which I threw to the ground the other day, obviously not on purpose 😉

So that’s my little intro done, next post will be hopefully more focused

Thanks for reading 🙂